The 7th Varadero Valencia Trophy closes at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia

The 7th Varadero Valencia Trophy closes and with it the cruise season at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia until 2023. An edition that has been marked by the wind, completing only one test of the three planned. In this third installment, the weather reports have been correct, with a forecast of zero wind, and so it has been.

The second test, held on November 20 and postponed at the time due to that forecast of lack of wind on the day of November, closed brilliantly and under magnificent wind conditions, with 18 knots of intensity on a 260º axis (West-W) and a triangle in the 'Manel Casanova' regatta area, finishing at the mouth of the RCN de Valencia.

A very fast test, as was reflected in the arrival with the 'greats' setting the tone of the regatta, established in a total route of 8.5 nautical miles. Arturo Meseguer's Aquarelle-Varadero Valencia, a Frers 45, completed the route in less than an hour. Meseguer's boys stopped the clock at the finish in 57' 20", being the great dominator in real time. From behind, two boats were the ones that followed his wake. The M8 by the French Armengot brothers (Grand Soleil 43) and the Majoche, by Alejandro Fliquete (First 40.7).

The first of them, closer to Aquarelle-Varadero Valencia, took advantage of its greater length and knew how to make the most of its numbers. With an invested time of 1 h. 02 ’35” he was second in real, followed by Majoche being the dominator in that 40-foot strip, although he could do little with the two “big ones”. Even so, he closed his tour in 1 h. 10' 30". The rest of the fleet was arriving at the mouth of the Club very stretched and with the favorites well positioned, in the case of Nuerored, X-Cuba, GDES-Aerox and UP Valencia and with the calculator in hand, since that wind to many it favored others the opposite: it penalized them for their number in the rating.

With all this, this second test being valid, the only one completed in the program of the three established by the Organizing Committee, the title in ORC 1-2 falls to the M8, followed by Aquarelle-Varadero Valencia and Majoche. The ORC 3 class triumph has been for Neurored, followed by Blinking and Restlessness-Alhambra. Regarding the ORC 4-5 class, Tavana was first, second and third place went to Formidable TAI and Strategos IV respectively.

The awards ceremony was held on the terrace of the Social Restaurant of the RCN of Valencia, with the presence of Santiago Donat, manager of Varadero Valencia, and Marisa Arlandis, president of the RCN of Valencia.