Quicorras Urios and Filippo Binetti, sixth in the 29th European Championship

The Zhik Europe 29er 2021 championship concludes with sixth place in the general classification of Quicorras Urios and Filippo Benetti after four days of competition at Lago di Garda under highly variable low wind conditions, with days of little wind and in others, especially at the end of the championship, registering up to 30 knots, causing a modification in the program, although in the end 12 tests have been completed (7 qualifying round and 5 final series).

After closing the qualifying series in the Fraglia Della Vela Riva, the best Spaniards classified in the table were two representatives of the RCN of Valencia, with the tandem formed by Quicorras Urios and Filippo Benetti, located in the 7th place, while the current champions of the world, Mateo and Simón Codoñer finished in 46th place, being the only two representatives of the RCN of Valencia to be placed in the gold group.

In the Silver group, after that qualifying round, Sara and Isabel Momplet entered; Daniela Senís and Obdulia Fernández; Miguel Campos and Pablo Moreno. Rafa de Tomás and Elena de Tomás, for their part, did it in the Bronze together with Borja Chulvi and Achille Binetti, while Lucia and Rosario de Tomás went on to compete in the Emerald group.

In the final series Urios and Binetti had a good performance, in general terms, standing out on the last day, test 4, a 3rd, improving their position by one place, for which they concluded in a meritorious and hard-working 6th place, being the best Spanish representatives of the RCN of Valencia at the international event in Italy. Mateo and Simón Codoñer said goodbye in 40th place.

The Momplet sisters, for their part, said goodbye to Garda in the 9th place of General Plata. Senís and Fernández at 32, followed by Campos and Moreno. In the Bronze group, fifth place for Rafa and Elena de Tomás, while Chulvi and Binetti finished in 17th place. Bronze for Lucia and Rosario de Tomás in the Esmeralda group, thus closing the participation of the RCN de Valencia sailors in the Garda European Championship.