The Cutty Sark Formula Kite Spain Series arrive in Valencia

The third round of the Cutty Sark Formula Kite Spain Series (FKSS) circuit, event that received one of the Emprén Esport 2021 awards, an initiative promoted by the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, which will be held in the waters of Valencia from May 7 to 9, has been presented today at the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation, with the presence Carlos Bauxauli, representing the Foundation; Sergi W. Smit, Director General of the FKSS; José Manuel Liceras, represented by the FVCV; Carlos de Beltrán, manager of RCN Valencia, accompanied by sailors Alex Climent, Denis Taradin and Sofía Kotliar

The regatta has already been classified as the largest of all that have been held in this important 'kitefoil' circuit, a sailing modality that is included in the program of the Paris 2024 Olympics. The appointment of the capital of Turia, organized by FKSS and the RCNV, with the collaboration of the FVCV, will have about 90 sailors from 18 countries on 4 continents.

High level and high quality at Pinedo beach, since others who have been present today at the Foundation, Valencia and Castellón will enjoy sailors of the stature as the current number one in the world, the Frenchman Axel Mazella, Theo de Ramecourt, Connor Bainbridge, Martin Dolenc, Florian Gruber. Also registered is the current winner of the Cutty Sark FKSS circuit, the Russian Denis Taradin, who also leads the overall competition in 2021 after the Mallorca and Palamós regattas.

As for the females, the cast is also impressive. Last year's European champion will be the young Polish Julia Damasiewicz who will fight with Elli Aldridge, Alexia Fancelli, Magdalena Woyciechowska and the North American Daniela Moroz, among other great stars of Formula Kite.

In the turn of interventions, Bauxauli highlighted that the Foundation is open to all sports, so that "the FKSS has all our support", adding that "the regatta is having an important expansion and especially since it is part of the program Olympic in Paris 2024, an appointment in which we hope to have our greatest exponent, Alex Climent, ”he said.

Sergio W. Smit, General Manager of the Cutty Sark FKSS 2021, explained: “We have almost 80 entrants from 18 countries and I think the regatta is of incredible quality. We want to thank the support we have had from the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation and the Real Club Náutico de Valencia and we think that we are facing a record regatta both this week in Valencia and the next one in Castellón. Formula Kite is one of the sailing disciplines that brings the sport closer to people because it can be seen from the beach. We invite everyone to be with us this week in Pinedo and the next in Castellón”.

Carlos de Beltrán, closed the turn of interventions, highlighting “the importance that this regatta has for the Club, since the current Board of Directors is promoting new classes, thus bringing the sport of sailing closer to everyone and especially being an Olympic discipline in Paris, so we cannot be left behind ”concluding that“ this weekend we are going to enjoy the best of the specialty, among them our sailor Jacobo Espí, who will try a good result with the permission of Alex Climent ”.

The format of the regatta is very simple, with windward-leeward regattas with a maximum duration of 12 minutes, so they are races that take place at a very high speed, offering a great show for the public who can witness the evolution of the races. sailors being located very close to Pinedo beach. The regatta committee plans to complete a maximum of 18 tests in the three days from Friday to Sunday.

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