José Vicente is one of the ‘veterans’ at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia. He started very young and has grown in the Club, at the same time that he has also done so at a professional level until he became something more than the Boatswain, becoming in these 34 years of absolute professionalism a friend to all, helping the members and colleagues, in addition to collaborating in everything that has been necessary for the growth of the Club.

What is your job title and your main functions?
I am the boatswain of the Club and my functions are none other than to try to make everything related to port facilities and vessels work as well as possible.

How were your beginnings in the Club?
A long time ago, I was almost a child, but I remember him with the illusion of working in something that I love as much as the sea, continuing to learn from people who once taught me so much and who with permission I would like to name, among others to Lino Barreiro, Pepe García, Enrique Esteve and Manolito Narbona. Sure there are more, but I can't stop mentioning these, they are something special to me.

You are one of the most veteran, if not the most, and with 34 years in the house it goes a long way ... What is it that you would highlight and what has marked you in this time?
In the port section I think I am the oldest, and what has marked me the most is not the celebration of the America's Cup. I am aware that what I worked for and enjoyed during that time will remain forever in my memory.

Many changes in the Club. Which of them has been, according to your point of view, the most relevant?
The Club is getting bigger and bigger, but it will always be the club of my life.

What would you like to erase and what would you improve for the future at the Club?
What I would like to erase better I almost keep to myself, because it is something that is already in the past. As for the future, I think the best thing is to continue in this line and with the same enthusiasm, looking forward, starting from what comes from long before and which is the basis of what today is the Real Club Náutico de Valencia.


Name surname: José Vicente Was

Age: 56 years

Job: Contramaestre of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia