Irene de Tomas, from the Real Club Náutico de Valencia, European champion ILCA 4

The sailor from the Real Club Náutico de Valencia, Irene de Tomás was proclaimed yesterday ILCA 4 European Champion in the Polish town of Dziwnów at just 14 years old, being her first year in the class and after winning the ILCA Spanish Cup a few months ago 4 in the three categories at stake: Absolute, Women and SUB16. A European title that came twice, since the Valencian sailor, in addition to the absolute title, first of 132 registered women, took the title of champion of Europe SUB16.

Various wind conditions in Poland, although in the end a total of 10 tests were completed in the six days of competition. Irene de Tomás has cemented her sporting success in regularity, although a fact of fair play by the Valencian stands out, since in the third test and after touching the mark without being seen by anyone, she withdrew from the test.

Despite this, his partials were generally good, in a very complicated regatta field for all the sailors. Irene de Tomás started in Poland with a 2nd and a 1st, after her came her withdrawal due to that self-penalty. She came back strong, with a 1st, then she fell to 15th place in test 5, improving in the next three that went from low to high: 3-4-1.

The wind conditions on the penultimate day took their toll on the Valencian, even jeopardizing the title, but she knew how to “keep her immediate pursuers at bay”. Despite signing partials of 10-20 and after applying the discard and that sixth and last blank day due to the absence of wind, Irene concludes her journey in Poland first with 57 points, the Greek Evangelia Karageorgou has been placed 2 and 14 the also Greek Christina Maria Meni.

On the other hand, during this week and with no time to enjoy European success, she is going with the Snipe women's teams to compete in the Snipe Women's European Championship held in Antwerp. And from July 27 to 31 we will see her sailing in the Snipe youth world championships, also together with her sister, Sari de Ella. Other teams that have made it to the Snipe Junior World Cup are those made up of Quicorras Urios and Alex de Castro, and Elena and Rafa de Tomás.

A new success for the quarry of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia that continues to grow and demonstrates that the basic sailing, supported by the Board of Directors headed by its president Marisa Arlandis, and all the technical staff of the RCNV has a guaranteed future.