Elvira Manzano: "I have been in this Club for 28 years, a privilege and an honor for me to be part of this family"

Elvira Manzano, "Elvi" for everyone, has been at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia for 28 years, almost a lifetime. He knows the Club like few people, he has experienced important and significant changes, he has always been at his job imprinting a social and open character with everyone: partners, colleagues, friends, and always with a smile, always with a touch of humor, this is our 'Elvi'.

In this short interview he brings us his particular point of view on various aspects of the Club and as always, when he expresses his opinion on something, he does so with respect, prudence and inviolable principles of loyalty, in this case to his club: Royal Yacht Club Valencia.

Since what year have you been part of the RCNV family?

….. since the last century. More than 28 years ago... a lifetime, being a privilege, an honor to be part of this family

What is your job title and your main functions?

Secretary … one more in the Club Administration team

You have been able to see many changes in the Club. Which ones would you highlight the most?

Yes, of course, and the most remarkable thing has been the immense solidarity of all my colleagues in these terrible times of the pandemic. As far as the Club is concerned, its changes have always been up to the needs of the members, always responding correctly

What has left its mark on you at the Club?

In addition to being in permanent contact with nature, in one of the most ecological and natural institutions in Valencia, it was my participation in different cultural, social and sporting events, which has filled my life with unforgettable moments, perhaps some regatta of the Queen or the time of the America's Cup could stand out, while for the present I would highlight the Optiorange, with many values ​​for children

What would you like to erase and what would you improve for the future at the Club?

It is not my responsibility to delete anything and I will not. In administrative terms, I have to assure you that there are always improvements to be put into practice and thus be able to improve the attention to the member and the institution, always with the collaboration of the team to which I belong.


Name surname: Elvira Manzano Anton

Age: 60 years (June 1, 1960)

Job: Secretary – Administration