The Real Club Náutico de Valencia closes the second race of the Optimist Regional

The Real Club Náutico de Valencia launches He closes the second test of the Autonomic Optimist A, with 73 registered, and first appointment of the season for the Optimist B in the territory of the Sailing Federation of the Valencian Community, with a participation in Valencia of 73 sailors.

The classification, after resolving the protest in the sixth test, closes with Juan Francisco Chumilla (RCN Torrevieja), twice, and Blanca Ferrrando (RCN de Valencia), as champions of the Valencian event, while in the Women's SUB13 the title is for Marta Ferrando (RCN of Valencia)

After the six tests closed by the committee, for the moment and after the resolution of a protest that affected almost the entire Optimist A fleet for an incident at the leeward gate on the last test of the day, the title travels to Torrevieja by the hand of Juan Francisco Chumilla (RCN de Torrevieja) while in women Blanca Ferrando (RCN de Valencia) once again demonstrates, and now at home, his excellent her level by adding her second win of the season. In SUB13, next to the title which Chumilla from Torrevieja is awarded twice (Absolute and SUB13), joins the one achieved by the local Marta Ferrando (RCN de Valencia).

The podiums in the 'big' remain configured, for the moment, with David Palacios (RCN Torrevieja) and Eugenio Rivelles (RCR Alicante). As for the girls and accompanying Ferrando, two representatives of the RCN of Torrevieja: Claudia Gómez, silver, and Adriana Gómez, bronze. In the SUB13, in addition to that double triumph of Chumillas, the silver goes to Liam Woods (CN Jávea) and Izan Rogel (RCN Torrevieja). With regard to the girls and together with Marta Ferrando, have placed Begoña Pérez-Manglano in second place and Valentina Belso (RCN Torrevieja) as third in the drawer.

As for the Optimist B, the which premiered in the territorial appointment, a magnificent level demonstrated by the young values ​​of Sailing in the Valencian Community, reaffirming a once again that they stomp and that they are a relay of guarantees to the Optimist A.

Antonio Crespo (CN Altea) becomes the title, being accompanied on the podium by Joaquín Pedro Blasco (CN Santa Pola) and by Quique García (RCN of Valencia). In SUB11, the three podium places have been occupied by Cayetano Chumillas (RCN Torrevieja), Diego Harris (RCN Torrevieja) and Pablo López (RCN de Valencia), while in women the titles have been shared between Romina Vicent, Maria Stapinska and Alexandra Youji Wang, all of them from the RCN of Valencia. As for the SUB11, triumph of the Valencian Wang (bronze overall), followed by her clubmates: Atia Hoyo and Raquel Sanchis, second and third respectively.

The awarding of trophies, held in the Regatta Base of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia, has counted with the presence of Joaquín Valero, Optimist Spain; Sergio Ferrando, Secretary Autonómico Optimist Valencian Community; Marisa Arlandis, president of the RCN from Valencia, accompanied by José Mª Escudero, Director.