The Real Club Náutico de Valencia dressed in its best clothes this past Friday to inaugurate the new image of the changing rooms, deck and pool beach, after completing the reform in just over four months. Some works "Absolutely necessary and that have been done in record time and with the highest quality", Alejandro Fliquete, President of the Club, has highlighted, who wanted to thank and congratulate “To the technicians who have been in charge of it, both the builder Antonio Delgado and his team, as well as the architects Marián Sánchez and José Manuel Mesado, as well as Vicente Terol, member of the Board of Directors, who have been on site to that everything went well and complying with the established deadlines, something very complicated given the scope of the reform ”.

The original project for the pool area and changing rooms dates back to 1984 and after more than 35 years since it was put into use, there were numerous problems of leaks from the covers to the changing rooms and the restaurant and despite having carried out some partial action trying to solve it This was not achieved, so the current Board of Directors, with the support of the vast majority of the partners, decided to carry out a complete action.

The work has been executed by the Valencian architecture studio Intrados, directed by Marián Sánchez, architect, and José Manuel Mesado, technical architect, with an execution period of 17 weeks of frantic work, undertaking some demolitions of roofs, pavements, cladding and facilities with just over 850m3. New modern and functional facilities, as pointed out by Sánchez: “We have tried to combine the function, that is, the program of needs that the Club has required, the accessibility, the requirements of the use of the swimming pool and others, with the materials to be used ”.

Mesado, for his part, wanted to highlight some technical aspects, especially on the elements that have been used. "In the choice of materials, the aesthetics of the complex have been very important, but above all it has been key to choose materials that are characterized by their high resistance and low maintenance", adding that “The glass railing allows the pool space to be visually connected with the sea, as if it were a continuous whole. The result is practical, durable and sustainable. The coatings give the face of the work ”.
The official inauguration took place this past Friday, May 21, with the presence of Alejandro Fliquete, president of RCN Valencia, accompanied by members of the Board of Directors. A party that was held in compliance with all sanitary measures, but without losing that glamor and charm of those summer meetings that have always characterized it.

Alejandro Fliquete, in his speech after presenting the new reform to the partners, stressed that "I am more and more proud to preside over this great Club, which has improved a lot in all aspects, and that I have had to preside over it in the middle of a pandemic", concluding that “We have achieved that the partner has much more than what he had by paying the same. We Valencians are very lucky to have the possibility of being members of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia ”.

After the presentation speech, the President of the Club presented a plaque to María Pérez, architect of Intrados José Manuel Mesado, technical architect, and Antonio Delgado, builder, in gratitude for the effort and work carried out, giving way to the toast that was made with a Fire Wine, courtesy of the Don Cananet Winery.

Work data summary

  • Execution period: 4 months
  • Demolitions of roofs, pavements, cladding and installations = 850m3
  • Execution of new 900m roofs2
  • Floors: 1.830m2
  • Changing rooms 430m2
  • Outdoor terraces and pool beaches 1,400m2
  • Façade tiling and cladding: 550m2
  • Changing rooms 400m2
  • Facades 150m2
  • Glass railings 170m
  • Showers
  • Changing rooms 26 units
  • Pool 21ud
  • Taquillas 196 ud

Individual changing room booths 36ud