RCN Calpe closes the Mediterranean meeting of the Spanish League of Sailing Lotteries and State Betting Trophy, passing the baton to Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona

Sailing League of Nautical Clubs sponsored by the State Lottery and Gambling Society of the State. Organized by the Real Club Náutico de Calpe in collaboration with the Royal Spanish Sailing Federation. © Sailingshots by María Muiña Photography

El equipo del Real Club Náutico de Valencia se ha alzado con la victoria de la primera fase del Trofeo Loterías y Apuestas del Estado, que ha finalizado hoy en aguas del Real Club Náutico Calpe. La defensa del liderato del equipo valenciano se emplaza ahora a la próxima cita, a celebrar entre el 5 y el 7 de diciembre, en el Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona.

The Valencian club participates in this event with a powerful and versatile team, made up of Axel Rodger, Pau Chirivella, Majo Algarra, Quique Urios and Toni Puig, sailors from both dinghy and cruising, with numerous successes in their respective categories. The team has maintained its club's flag at the top, from second overall on the first day of racing, to first place on the second day and impeccably defended on this closing day.

On this last day, in which the wind was light but sufficient, there have been seven clashes that close the classification with 15 races disputed.

The first podium of the II Spanish Sailing League Lottery and State Betting Trophy was completed by the Canarian teams of RCN de Arrecife and RCN de Gran Canaria, highlighting the progression of the latter, which, from tenth place on the first day, passed yesterday to fifth position in the table to end the match in third place.

In his first foray into the State Lottery and Betting Trophy, Axel Rodger defined his impression of the Spanish Sailing League as follows: “It was the first edition in which we took part and it seemed like a very intense and very fun format. The truth is that after confinement we have sailed little and we have loved being in the water again ”.

“I really like the format, it's really intense, there are a lot of very dynamic races and in the end you sail a lot. Also, being so short, you have to be very attentive because the slightest mistake causes three boats to pass you and then it is very difficult to come back, not to say there is no way ”.

Regarding the fleet, Rodger points out that “its level seemed very high and even to me, and this made it very entertaining; you could be first in a race and last in the next race. Also, I have to highlight the fair-play of all the crews. We are very, very happy ”.

The RCN de Valencia ends with a 7.05-point advantage over its closest rival, the Real Club Náutico de Arrecife, defending champion, which has always been on the podium, looking for an opportunity against the Valencians. With Gonzalo Morales as skipper, Fátima Diz, Cristian Sánchez, Kevin Cabrera and Ricardo Terrades have made up the Lanzaroteña crew.

El Real Club Náutico de Gran Canaria, que en la pasada edición fue subcampeón, ha vuelto a demostrar su calidad de favorito, recuperándose rápidamente de un mal inicio (décimo), para dejar claras sus aspiraciones con un tercer puesto, a 6,25 puntos del equipo de Arrecife. Onán Barreiros, Luís Miguel Hernández, Francisco Hoyos, Alejandro Cantero y Ana Zuleima Santana han sido los responsables de esta excelente demostración de superación.

But without a doubt, there is still much to be decided in the State Lotteries and Betting Trophy, since both the RCN Torrevieja team, skippered by José Manuel Ballester, and the CN Altea, under Alejandro Arroyo's orders, remain in a narrow 3.20 point margin over the podium. The waters of Monte Real Club de Yates de Baiona and the Atlantic winds will be the scene of the outcome of the contest from December 5 to 7.

Source: RFEV statement

State Lottery and Gambling Trophy Classification - RCN Calpe

Club / Pattern P1-P 15
1 RCN Valencia / Axel Rodger: 1,2-2,25-2,25-2-1-3-1-1-1-3-2-1-4-2.25-2 = 28.95 pts
2 RCN Arrecife / Gonzalo Morales: 3-1-1-2-2.25-2-2.25-2.25-3-1-3.5-2-2-4.75 = 36 pts
3 RCN de Gran Canaria / Onan Barreiros: 6-3,5-6-4-4-1-3,5-2-2,25-2-1-1-1-1-4 = 42.25 pts
4 RCN Torrevieja / José Manuel Ballester: 1-1-3-1-1-4-1-5-4.75-4-2.25-6-4.75-1-3.5 = 43.25 pts
5 CN Altea / Alejandro Arroyo: 6-1,2-3-5-3-4.75-3.5-2-1-4-1-2.25-3-4.75-1 = 45.45 pts
6 RCN Palma / Hugo Ramón: 2.2-5-5-6-2.25-6-3-3.5-3-1-6-4.75-1-2-3 = 53.7 pts
7 RCN Calpe / Lara Sabina: 4.75-4.75-2-3-5-1-1-5-2-5-4.75-4-6-3-6 = 57.25 pts
8 MRCY Baiona / Manuel Maria Cunha: 3,5-4,95-3,5-4,75-4,75-6-2,25-6-4,75-3,5-3-2,25- 5-3.5-2.25 = 59.95 pts
9 CN El Balís / Bárbara Cornudella: 4.2-6-2-3.5-3.5-3.5-4-6-6-7-6-3-5-1-5 = 65.7 pts
10 RCR Alicante / Diego Campos: 5-4-4-6-1-6-4.75-4.75-4-2.25-4-3.5-6-6-5 = 66.25 pts
11 CN Campello / Ángela Andugar: 2.25-6.2-6-6-6-5-6-6-6-5-5-3.5-6-6-6 = 80.95 pts