The RCN of Valencia crowns the champions of the Gran Trofeo Valencia Snipe and Trofeo Levante

The second day of the 62nd Valencia Snipe Grand Trophy and Levante Trophy closes with two tests completed for the Snipe, ILCA and Patín, while the 29er and Vaurien do so with one and the Optimist three.

As expected, the wind showed its weakness and absence at the start of the day, so after a wait of almost an hour in the regatta area, the tests for all classes could be launched, the regatta committee being aware of the deadline. , established at 15.30 hours.

Little to no change overall. The Snipe class stands out in which Martín Bermúdez (RCN Madrid) and Ángela Pumariega (RC Astur de Regatas) snatched the leadership and title from the locals Agustín Zabalua and Belén Olivas on this second day, who finished second, just one point behind them, although that was tied at 6 points with José Luis Maldonado and Laura Morata (T10 SC). In women, the title has gone to Lula Tamani and María Sauquillo.

In ILCA 4, Enrique Ferrando (RCN Valencia) did win the title. He started the day third and made the leap to first place thanks to the 4-1 partials. After the discard, she was left with 9 points, the same ones obtained by her Club partner Mara Williams, women's champion. Román Álvarez-Mezquida takes the bronze and 11 points.

As for the ILCA 6, Pablo Bellver knew how to maintain first place, finishing with 6 points, out of 11 obtained by Pablo Coll and 13 by Carlos Sánchez, all from RCN de Valencia. In women, the title was taken by Irene de Tomás.

The brothers Mateo and Simón Codoñer also knew how to tie up that first place. With a fourth place they say goodbye to the Levante Trophy. The discard allows them to proclaim themselves champions. Silver for Sara and Isa Momplet, who also take the women's title. The bronze has been for Neus García and Lucia Bustquets (RCN Palma).

The Vaurien fleet, with four closed races, Carlos Francés and Susana Gil keep the trophy, while Fracesco Zampacavallo and Fify Flo hang the silver and José Francés and Pascual Ibáñez the bronze.

Alfredo Gomis, Víctor Martínez and Vicente Pastor make up the final podium in the Skate class.

In Optimist Jorge Cardells, Alejandro Monteagudo and Xavier Peris close the podium in children's sailing, while Olivia Hoyo is proclaimed champion in the women's category.

DAY SATURDAY | November 12, 2022

The favorites meet on the first day of the Valencia Snipe Grand Trophy and Levante Trophy

The first day of the 62nd Valencia Snipe Grand Trophy and Levante Trophy closes with the favorites fulfilling the forecasts. Good wind conditions, although it was late
then the committee was able to close the day's program for the ILCA, Snipe, 29er and Vaurien, while Patín and Optimist completed two tests. The difficulty in this first day was in the sea conditions, with waves that complicated the work of the fleet.

In Snipe, Agustín Zabalua and Belén Olivas are leaders by 7 points, after signing partial scores of 2-1-4. They are followed by Martín Bermúdez (RCN Madrid) and Ángela Pumariega (RC Astur de Regatas) with a difference of one point. The provisional podium closes with the Spanish-Norwegian tandem formed by Guillermo García de la Concha and Dirk de Bock who have 12 points in their locker.

Mateo and Simón Codoñer lead the 29er with 5 points (2-2-1) while the representatives of the RCN de Palma: Neus García and Lucía Busquets sign partial 3-1-3, with the provisional silver and only 2 points behind the leaders. Bronze for the moment for the current European champions: Sara and Isa Momplet, with 10 points to their credit.

Regarding the ILCA 4 fleet, provisional podium for Mara Williams with 9 points, followed by only one triple tie with Román Álvarez-Miranda, Beatriz Bueno and Andrea Ferrer, while Enrique Ferrando is fifth with 13 points. Regarding the ILCA 6 Pablo Bellver with 4 points, Pablo Coll with 9 and Irene de Tomás with 12 close the provisional podium in this category.

José Luis Francés and Pascual Ibáñez are leaders with 3 points, while Francesco Zampacavallo and Fify Lo and Carlos Francés and Susana Gil sign tables with 12 points.

Equality also reaches the Optimist class with Jorge Cardells is first in the table with 3 points, followed by Alejandro Monteagudo with 5 points and Xavier Peris who has 6 in his locker.

For the second day the weather forecast points to little wind.