The strong wind prevailing this past Sunday, with gusts that exceeded 30 knots of intensity, forced the regatta committee to hoist intelligence on 'A', so the fleet returned to land without being able to complete the scheduled test. First thing in the morning, the change of route was notified at the skippers' meeting, with a triangle, hoping that the planned part would not be a reality.

At around 11.00 the fleet went to the regatta area located in front of El Saler beach. When it was the scheduled departure time, 12.00 hours, the committee hoisted a postponement, after several readings in windward, exceeding 30 knots in intensity, and checking that the intensity was not going to decrease, it was decided to send the fleet made up of more than 20 ships ashore.

The next installment, third and last, will be on December 12. Brujo, Majoche, Blue Lizard and Kamchatka, remain as provisional leaders after closing the race on December 7.

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