The 61st Great Valencia Trophy brings together 70 Snipe in the capital of Turia

The 61st Great Valencia Trophy for the Snipe class once again proves that it is one of the most important regattas not only in its calendar but also in terms of its national and international projection. Proof of this is the very high level that meets in the capital of Turia this weekend, May 1 and 2, bringing together 70 Snipe boats in the RCN of Valencia, which will compete for two days and six tests planned by this prestigious trophy.

Quantity and quality is what the Valencian club has managed to bring together at home. An important fleet from six autonomous communities: Region of Murcia, Euskadi, Balearic Islands, Andalusia, Asturias, Canary Islands, Community of Madrid and Valencian Community, adding the countries of Belgium, Italy and Portugal.

The level of the fleet is very high and the forecasts to set up a possible podium next Sunday is quite complicated, although if we must name any of the boats with options, we highlight the Alfredo Fresneda and Javier López from Almeria or the Balearic Víctor Pérez and Juan Carlos Serrano or Jordi Triay and Cristian Vidal, who are joined by the Murcian Juanma Barrionuevo and Alejandro Díaz or the Madrid-Asturian tandem with Martínez Bermúdez de Castro and Ángela Pumariega, counting that if with the local fleet that has a very high level. high being Agustín Zabalua and Belén Olivas one of the greatest exponents of the Valencian fleet.

The organizing committee plans to complete six tests. The top start for the first race, both on Saturday and Sunday, has been scheduled for 12.30 pm. Snipe's fleet, which is already in Valencia, has carried out training and tuning of the boats today.