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Children's candle


The Sailing School is the gateway to future RCNV sailors. After their first steps, they made the leap to the first team: Escuelas - Optimist C, here they learn and train in what competition is.
The next step comes when they join the Optimist B, where they face challenges and challenges in high-level regattas.
The finish line in Children's Sailing is in the Optimist A, from where trained and experienced sailors leave

29er, BIC Techno, Snipe, ILCA, Kitesurf, Clase A

The RCNV Dinghy Sailing has a wide representation of youth sailing and Olympic classes, although they are not the only ones, so the options for sailors, after passing through the Optimist, are very diverse and with alternatives for everyone, from the youngest being part of the 29er, BIC Techno or ILCA 4, to the most veteran enrolled in the prestigious Snipe class, although in that wide range and in any age range we have the options to navigate and compete in the rest of categories ILCA, BIC Techno or in the spectacular Class A

Light Sailing


The Crucero fleet is one of the largest and most important in the Mediterranean, with an extensive regatta calendar throughout the season

Fixed bench: Llaüt - Falucho
Mobile bench: Remo de Mar - Yola

Rowing joins the RCNV sports program. This section, which returns to the Club, offers several initiatives to bring this sport closer to everyone in addition to its competition program with the Llaüt, Falucho, Remo de Mar and Yola



Anchored Boat, Trolling,

The Fishing area has a training program and a competition calendar open to all