Success of the RCN of Valencia sailors in the iQFoil, 29er and Optimist classes

The Real Club Náutico de Valencia has shone in a special way in this long Easter weekend, getting on the podium in up to three classes: iQFoil, 29er and Optimist in two Spanish cups and a Spanish championship in three different parts of the Spanish geography : Sa Ràpita (Balearic Islands), Laredo (Cantabria) and Alicante. In … Read more

Blanca Ferrando, Regional Optimist Champion 2023

Blanca Ferrando has been proclaimed Autonomous Optimist champion, once again, after the regatta at the CN Campello closed this weekend. But the success of the RCN sailors from Valencia continues to grow. Edu Reyes took the title in Campello, while Marta Ferrando took second place in… Read more

Launch of the Optiorange 2023 at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia

The Optiorange 2023 is already a reality. The presentation of the international regatta for the Optimist class, which will be held from March 1 to 5 and which has 480 sailors from 26 countries, took place today at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia Regatta Base, with the … Read more

Brilliant weekend for the RCN Valencia sailors in Optimist and Cruise

The sailors of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia have shone this past weekend. The Cruise fleet was the first to go into action this Wednesday, January 25, participating in the 300 Miles A3 Trophy GREFUSA high altitude regatta. Brujo, Aquarelle 1-Varadero Valencia, Reti, Cafés moved to the Alicante town of Moraira… Read more

The RCN of Valencia crowns the champions of the Gran Trofeo Valencia Snipe and Trofeo Levante

The second day of the 62nd Valencia Snipe Grand Trophy and Levante Trophy closes with two tests completed for the Snipe, ILCA and Patín, while the 29er and Vaurien do so with one and the Optimist three. As expected, the wind showed its weakness and absence at the start of the day, so… Read more

Optimist, Cruise and Fishing, protagonists in an intense weekend at the Real Club Náutico de Valencia

The Real Club Náutico de Valencia returns this weekend, September 24 and 25, to live one of those intense days at the Club, with a lot of sporting activity, with the Optimist, the Cruise and the Fishing with main actors. The first to enter the scene have been the Cruisers. Today Friday at... Read more