Agustín Portolés: "The change of headquarters in 1982 was very important, we went from a small club to one a hundred times bigger"

Agustín Portolés has put an end to a long, long and exemplary career at the Real Club Náutico Valencia. Nothing more and nothing less than it has been 52 years that he has been in the house, starting at a very young age as bellboys until he became the boatswain of the RCNV. Although the ... Read more

The boat of the NGO Sea Plastics stops at the RCN of Valencia

Sea Plastics, una asociación fundada en 2016 por tres estudiantes de la escuela francesa de ingeniería AgroParisTech, ha elaborado un plan de acciones de concienciación y sensibilización ambiental a su paso por Valencia, junto al Lycée Français y en colaboración con la Fundación Oceanogràfic, sobre micro plásticos, teniendo como base RCN de Valencia desde donde … Read more

The Board of Directors' proposal wins with only 10 votes against

The Board of Directors, chaired by Alejandro Fliquete, achieved this past Saturday significant support from the partners in the Extraordinary General Assembly, with the only point of the day to deal with the expansion of the budget for the works of the changing rooms, deck and beach of the pool. The proposal of the Board of Directors carried out ... Read more

Pedro Quiroga: "The Regatta Base is an area that allows us to grow, there is everything necessary to organize large events"

Pedro Quiroga es otros de los veteranos en el Club. Con 20 años en la casa está autorizado para expresar su opinión, ya que pocos conocen la entidad como él, sobre todo en el área deportiva, dado que ocupa el puesto de Director Deportivo, cargo que ha sabido ganárselo a pulso, empezando muy joven como … Read more

Antonio Ballester: "The good thing about the Club is that it is a versatile club with many sports alternatives for all members and their families"

What has been the main motivation for joining the project of the current Board of Directors, headed by Alejandro Fliquete? There has been no greater motivation than the one I had when I joined the current Board of Directors, chaired by Alejandro Fliquete, and of course the previous ones with Manel Casanova and Manuel Pons. On … Read more