The Real Club Náutico de Valencia has shone with its own light this long weekend. The sporting successes of the Club's sailors: Carlos Espí and Blanca Ferrando in Optimist, Irene de Tomás in ILCA 4 and Mateo and Simón Codoñer in 29er signify the job well done that is being done by the sports management supported by the Board of Directors.

Carlos Espí and Blanca Ferrando command in El Masnou

In the waters of the CN Masnou, with three days completed out of the four planned, children's sailing had its first big date of the season with the Spanish championship and even the FVCV team arrived with a wide representation of sailors from the RCN of Valencia, highlighting as the current champion of Spain SUB13: Blanca Ferrando; Carlos Espi; Eduardo Reyes; Guillem Balaguer; Enrique and Marta Ferrando.

The forecasts were fulfilled and our boys did not fail. Blanca Ferrando with the poster of double champion of Spain 2021 and that now she had to defend her hegemony in Absolute. Blanca did not fail, fifth overall and first female bringing home the national title, now in the highest category.

Nor did he give options to rivals Carlos Espí. With a good regularity (2-4-10-4-6-2-4-2) in the 8 races completed of the 12 in portfolio and adding 24 points after the discard, the Valencian is crowned champion of Spain. Carlos Espí was already champion of the U13 Spanish Cup in Malaga 2018 4 years ago.

Add and continue for the Codoñer in the National 29er

The brothers Mateo and Simón Codoñer have no roof in 29er. After a spectacular and brilliant 2021, 2022 started adding a new title, now at home with the Spanish Cup. In the waters of Portocolom, in the Balearic Islands, the RCN Valencia tandem stepped on the accelerator from the first day of competition, achieving 7 partial wins out of 11 races completed at the end of the championship, accompanied by three second places and one third.

But the success of the Valencians did not come alone, but Sergi Soler and Guillermo Castellano joined the RCN party in Valencia by hanging the silver medal, while Sara Momplet and Obdulia Fernández de Ybarra won the bronze in women.

Irene de Tomás, unstoppable at ILCA 4

Also and from the Balearic Islands, CN Ibiza, we have received a new triumph for Irene de Tomás in ILCA 4. At stake was the national title of the class and category and in which Irene, after success in the Cup, did not fail and now adds a new triumph in SUB16.