The XXIII Trophy Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) already has new champions. In the ORC class the winner was Alberto de Castro's Swan 45 Brujo, while in the ORC Club category the title went to Praia, a Sun Liberty 34 by Pau Chirivella. An edition that has been marked by sanitary restrictions that have not allowed the university community to be part of the crew on the registered boats.

The weather indicated that it was going to be the protagonist with rain and a lot of wind, although in the end it was quite the opposite. Two magnificent days in terms of wind conditions, with an average intensity of 16 knots on an axis of 045º. On Saturday the organizing committee proposed a triangle on the 'Manel Casanova' regatta course of almost 8 miles, while today, Sunday, the fleet completed a windward, windward-leeward course of 6.5 miles with two upwind and two sterns.

On both days we had a nice fight in real time between the two greats of the fleet: Brujo, a Swan 45, and M8, a Gand Soleil 43, although the wind conditions were somewhat more favorable for the first of them. In the 'little ones' Majoche, a First 40.7, has had no rival in real time, achieving a significant advantage over its twin the GDES-Aerox and somewhat more over the Espartano-Chatín, a First 40D.

Regarding Saturday's day and after obtaining the compensated times, the provisional podium was closed with Brujo, M8, by the Francés Armengot brothers, and Majoche, by Alejandro Fliquete, in the ORC class. In the ORC Club the first three places went to Praia, by Pau Chrivella, Inquietín-Alhambra (Bavaria 38) by José Vicente Alhambra and Plis Plas (Platú 25) by Alfredo Quesada.

Things have changed little or nothing today, Sunday, although there has been some variation at the back, but it has not affected the final podium in both classes. After closing the windward-leeward, in ORC the Brujo is proclaimed champion, while M8 and Majoche finish second and third respectively. In ORC Club, even though the first three places have been maintained, there have been variations in terms of positions in the table.

Praia has added a new partial victory, after the compensated times, while Vicente Meseguer's Formidable Tai (Drac One Tone) has done a spectacular regatta from the start today, thus adding a second place. Inquietín-Alhambra was third and Eduardo Tur's Blue Lizard (First 34.7), fourth, which led to an 8-point tie for bronze in this category, with Plis Plas being third for his third achieved on Saturday.

The award ceremony was attended by Alicia López, Head of the UPV's Sports Service, accompanied by Alejandro Fliquete and José Rubio, president and vice president of RCN Valencia respectively.