The 300 Miles A3 Moraira Grefusa Trophy already has champions, they deserved the podium although all the participants would have preferred to finish the regatta, the 300 miles and fight for first place in another way, but they have been aware of the harsh weather conditions from the start departure last Wednesday, with rain, lightning and thunder, little wind as an element in favor, but after having passed the passage of the island of Tabarca and up to the islet of Venadrell in Ibiza, the almost 40 knots of wind complicated the future a lot and fleet developments.

The regatta and organizing committee made the difficult decision yesterday (Thursday 21) to shorten the course at that point. The fleet that continued to have difficulties in regatta found a very wise decision by both committees, since very few boats were going to finish and also the possibility that the boats suffered a lot of material damage with that wind that exceeded 40 knots of intensity at specific times .

After gathering the fleet and agreeing with the shipowners, the decision has been made to establish the final classification for the passage through the island of Tabarca, according to its position and real time at that point. After obtaining the compensated times, the podium of the 2022 edition is closed with Alberto de Castro's Brujo (RCN Valencia) as the winner of the regatta, followed by Tanit IV Medilevel (RCR Alicante) and M8 (RCN Valencia).