Brujo, Majoche, Blue Lizard and Kamchatka, the first of the Varadero Trophy

The first of the three tests planned for the 2021 Varadero Trophy could not have had a better start. About 25 boats have started, divided into six classes, to complete a coastal journey to El Perelló, with a total of 17.4 miles for all. Good wind conditions, on land, which have reached 12 knots of intensity in some phase of the regatta.

Warlock rules in ORC 1-2

Alberto de Castro's Swan 45 dominated in real time, although maintaining a nice fight with José Luis Francés' M8 Zas Sailing. El Brujo has taken the final victory after obtaining the compensated times, although in the corrected time the deference with the French M8 has been only 2 seconds. From behind and with a little more distance, the Aquarelle 1 has been located.

Majoche imposes his law on the ORCs 3

The Majoche, a First 40.7 owner by Alejandro Fliquete, has had no problem clearly imposing itself on the rest of the fleet. After a good start for the pin and leading the group throughout the course, he arrived at the Valencia boathouse at 2:48 p.m., obtaining a corrected time of more than 10 minutes over the second, Espartano-Chatín de José Rubio. With UP Valencia, a sister ship, the difference has reached 28 minutes, being third in the provisional table.

Blue Lizard beats Hang Loose at ORC 4-5

Much equality between the ORC 4-5, although on this occasion and after obtaining the compensated times it was Eduardo Tur's Blue Lizard who took the victory. The great favorite, Fernando Muro's Hang Loose, had to settle this time for second place, with 4'20 ”on Tur's boat. Bronze for Kiko Torrent's Strategos IV, almost 16 minutes behind the first.

Kamchatka, the fastest of the Promotion

Kamchatka, by Agustín Albiach, has been the fastest and smartest among the Promotion fleet, since he has known how to maintain the type and defend himself well, especially at the unmarking mark, 1 mile from the start, and also at the buoy located in El Perelló. After completing the almost 18 miles of the route, the Albiach boat has been placed in the lead. Second place for Inquietín-Alhambra by José Vicente Alhambra, with a margin of 11'39 ”, while the third place was Oscar Chulvi's Newkote at almost 19 minutes.

On Sunday, November 28, the second of the three tests planned in the Varadero Trophy will be played, closing the series on December 12.