Brilliant weekend for the RCN Valencia sailors in Optimist and Cruise

The sailors of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia have shone this past weekend. The Cruise fleet was the first to go into action this Wednesday, January 25, participating in the 300 Miles A3 Trophy GREFUSA high altitude regatta. Even the Alicante population of Moraira moved Brujo, Aquarelle 1-Varadero Valencia, Reti, Cafés Granell and Computer.

An edition that has once again been marked by the hardness and complexity of the regatta due to the variable weather conditions. Departure with a strong wind from the NE with 14 knots of intensity and with a truce due to the rain. The fleet, after starting at CN Moraira, headed for the Columbretes islands, from there to Es Venadrell (Ibiza) with the island of Tabarca being the last step before reaching Moraira, where the finish line was located.

Regatta clearly dominated by two RCNV boats: Aquarelle 1-Varadero Valencia and Brujo, in real time. Computer always remained in the leading group, while Reti withdrew halfway through the race and Cafés Granell did so in the early stages.

The fastest on this occasion and in the absence of the largest of the fleet, Alzira-Moraira, a Swan 80 that withdrew on Wednesday as soon as it left due to a leak and other breaks, the Valencian Aquarelle 1-Varadero Valencia, owned by Arturo Meseguer, took The relay. The Frers 45 arrived at CN Moraira on Friday at 12:48 p.m., or what is the same 48 h. 48' 54" it took him to complete the 290.02 miles of travel.

After Meseguier's boat came the Brujo (Swan 45), owned by Alberto de Castro, whose arrival occurred at 4:16 p.m., investing a time of 57 h. 47' 43". After the two RCN Valencia boats came the Balearic Modul (IMS 42) owned by Félix Comas from CN Santa Ponça, Reale Seguro (Pogo 40S) owned by Juan Merediz and Guaguanco IV, a Sun Fast 33 owned by Thierry Lallemand sailing under the banner of CN Altea.

Once the corrected times have been obtained, the Aquarelle 1-Varadero Valencia is proclaimed champion of the 300 Miles A3 Moraira, GREFUSA Trophy, twice, since in addition to the absolute general title, with the cash prize of 3,000 euros, the trophy for the fastest boat to complete the course. Second place, with a trophy and 2,000 euros, goes to Guaguanco IV and a trophy plus 1,000 euros for El Brujo.

Double podium in Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja Trophy

Regarding Children's Sailing, six were our sailors who participated in the XV Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja Trophy, a scoring regatta for the Optimist Excellence Cup 2022-2023 and organized by the RCN de Torrevieja. Blanca Ferrando, Eduardo Reyes, Tono Llabrés, Alexandra Youji Wang, Elena Álvarez-Miranda and Marta Ferrando.

Four intense days with four tests completed in the qualifying round, out of six scheduled, and six in the final series. Two last days in which Blanca Ferrando had the title in her pocket. On the last day she started as the leader, but a decision by the referees left our sailors with a DNC (107 pts), a result that was not at all positive for her given that she had a 77 on the previous day. Those two numbers were going to cost her the first position, although entering the top ten in the last test and the results of the rest of the fleet led to the fact that until the trophy ceremony, Blanca was first in the SUB16.

After requesting a review of the results by the Croatian Ema Grabar and correctly verifying her position in the last two tests, she turned the classification upside down. At that time, Blanca was second in the SUB16 after two days remaining the leader of the group.

After Blanca's brilliant and hard-worked second place came the triumph of Marta Ferrando in SUB13. A position that she did not leave after closing the first day. In this same category, Youji Wang managed to finish in a magnificent 16th place, while Elena finished in 100th place in the SUB16.

Edu Reyes, for his part, once again demonstrated a high level, achieving a more than deserved sixth place in the SUB16. In his locker, a partial victory and a quarter in the qualifying round stand out, as well as a second place in the final series. Tono Llabrés closed his participation in 169th place in this category.