Blanca Ferrando, sailor of the Real Club Náutico de Valencia, enters the history of the Optimist class in Spain, by achieving the two national titles at stake in the same year: Championship and Cup of Spain, both in the SUB13 category. She achieved the first of them at the beginning of April at the Monte Real Club Yates de Baiona, while she achieved the second this past Sunday at the Hondarribia Yacht Club.

In the Galician event, held between March 29 and April 3, Ferrando managed to finish in 23rd place overall, 1st in SUB13, with the consequent distinction of champion of Spain. The Valencian, along with the rest of the 149 sailors, completed five tests, in a complicated regatta field for everyone, with two blank days out of the four planned, and a lot of current, a factor in which she had never sailed. With this she achieved partials of 23-2-16-44-16, thus adding 57 points after subtracting her worst result (44).

With regard to the Hondarribia event, also with 149 registered and held from April 29 to May 2, Blanca has once again demonstrated her high level. With seven tests completed, the only blur is in its first test, the only one completed on the opening day marked by continuous roles of wind, in which Valencia incurred an off-line with a black flag. In the following ones she was magnificent with results of 1-25-13-31-7-19, staying with 96 points, after removing that bad result at the start of the championship and that has deprived her of being even higher.

Ferrando has shown a high level throughout the season, adding several titles in the main regattas of the Valencian Community, among them the title of Regional Champion, also recently achieved at the Campello Yacht Club.

Carlos Espí, bronze in the Spanish Cup

After the success of our sailor, it is worth highlighting the bronze of Carlos Espí, which joins the good results achieved by the RCN Valencia sailors in Basque waters. Irene de Tomás finishes in the 23rd place SUB16 Women; Guillem Balaguer, 15th; Enrique Ferrando, 19th and 37th place for Rafa de Tomás, all of them in SUB16.

Regarding the Baiona event, it is worth remembering Carlos Espí's 11th place in SUB16, a category in which Rafa de Tomás, Guillem Balaguer and Enrique Ferrando also participated. The first classified in the 25th place, the second in the 31st place and the third in the 67th place. Regarding the females, Irene de Tomás finished in the 15th place.