In this new year we want to keep sports activities for partners: skating, yoga and pilates.

For three months we have offered these free activities for all members of all ages.

The procedure from January 12 will pause for now, the different activities to form groups each discipline.

The groups will be minimum 10 students.

New schedules and fares are as follows:

Skating: Saturdays from 11h to 13h. Fee: € 20 / month per member.

Pilates: Saturdays from 11am to 12pm with a fee of 10 € / month per member.

Yoga: Saturdays from 12h to 13h with a fee of 10 € / month per member.

To join any of the activities:

Send an email to with full name, membership number, email and phone number.

As it has been formed group of 10 students from an activity will be implemented and communicated to students.