Sailing school rcnvalencia

Christening sea

First contact with the sea, discover the sensations of sailing with the tranquility of being accompanied by a technical sailing.

  • Age: All ages and levels
  • Hours: Negotiable
  • Output 3 hours
  • Price: from 40 €

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Introduction to sailing for the little ones during the weekends. Collective alternated with optimist boats.

  • Age: From 6 to 10 years
  • Hours: Saturdays and
    Sundays from 11 to 15h
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  • Price: from 60 € / month

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Browse, learn or improve technique in sailing.

  • Age: All ages and levels
  • Hours: Negotiable
  • 3 hour sessions, including theoretical and practical
  • Price: from 30 € the session

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You nautical multi-activity sessions designed to have a great time with your friends. Different activities such as sailing, kayaking, paddle surfing, fishing or water sports workshops.

  • Least 20 people
  • Price: from 20 € / person

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Corporate events, corporate regattas and team bulding activities. Designed to strengthen ties collective enterprise in a natural environment while practicing is sport.

  • At least 10 people.
  • Price: from 90 € / person

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Sailing Campus multiactivity during school holidays. Games, sports and especially a lot of sailing.

  • Age: 7 to 17 years.
  • Age groups and similar level
  • Hours: 9 to 14pm on Easter and failures, to 17h in summer.

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