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Section Dinghy of the RCNV is the largest team of children and young cmpetición of Valencia, from her sport is encouraged candle affection for the sea at an early age, introducing them gradually to the sailing competition. Our section dinghies can boast of being the cradle of national, European and world champions.

To immerse yourself in the world of sailing just have to approach the Race Base on it and see that there is an ecosystem of youth and adults in love with the sea and the purest sport.

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sailing Cruise

Section Sail Cruise ships develops requiring greater crew and interpenetration. Since she has driven the stock of the RCNV yachtsmen given the opportunity to go to the sea to all those who are interested in trying this wonderful sport.

With about 30 days of local regatta year, usually on weekends, usually we have more than 150 people competing

Do not hesitate to inform you to discover the wonderful world of sailing cruise and the entire atmosphere in this group.

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Section of the RCNV fishing is a pioneer in promoting responsible fishing, since it organized events like Marathon Fisheries Solidarity or individual fishing Open. This section encourages children's workshops fishing and fishing days so well worth our Summer School.

Fisheries Section has been authorized for fishing in different areas of the club and a venue for social use

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We have a tennis school that covers all educational levels (from beginner to competition) and all ages (children from 4 years to adult).

A well structured school areas and levels, with realistic and achievable schedules by students in small groups.

We organize tournaments, events and summer camps.

Our coaches have an extensive resume of qualifications and specialized courses.

Programs offered by the School of Tennis Spinval RC Nautico Valencia:

1) DIVER-TENNIS (children / as from 4 years): Saturday / Sunday. Hours: 10h / 11h / 12h

2) COMPETITIVE (children / as 9 years): Monday through Friday. Hours: 18-20: 30h

3) Adults (from 18 years): from Monday to Friday. Hours: 10h / 15h / 20h

4) CAMPUS TENNIS: Christmas / Easter / Summer

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The Club is actively involved in promoting all kinds of sports activities of different sports, from swimming or diving, to fun runs.

Stay tuned to the calendar of activities!

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