We detail below the situation of our facilities during Phase 0 of the de-escalation that begins today, Monday May 4:

Shipowners will be able to access the boats for safety and maintenance checks provided they reside in the municipality of Valencia. Only one person can access the boat to carry out these activities and the procedures and protocols established by the club staff will be respected at all times. Any stay on the boat that is expected to exceed 30 minutes must be notified to the Control or Captaincy before starting it.

Las instalaciones deportivas del RCN Valencia: piscina, pista polideportiva, pistas de tenis, frontenis y pádel, y la base de regatas siguen cerradas por Orden de la Dirección General de Deportes de la Generalitat Valenciana. Se prevé la apertura de algunas de ellas con el inicio de la fase 1 (11 de mayo).

Consequently, we are not allowed access to the boats that are inside the Regatta Base, not even for security and maintenance tasks; as the facility is closed. For any information regarding the vessels on the Base, such as photos and status, contact Diego Yubero (diego.yubero@rcnv.es). It is planned to open the base for individual sports but with the changing rooms closed - not the services - with the start of phase 1.

They do not allow us to fish in the Port Enclosure of the RCN Valencia. It is planned to open the activity in phase 2 and to be able to go out on motor boats in phase 3

Individual sports navigation, as physical activity, is allowed, provided that it is done within the schedule, the restrictions established in Order SND / 380/2020 and never on boats contained in the Regatta Base. The measure is expected to be softened in phase 1 and the opening of the regatta base is allowed.

Likewise, it is planned that in phase 1 sailing in small groups by boat will be allowed, but we will have to wait for phase 3 to have more crew and to be able to leave on most sailing cruises.

Varadero and professional repair and maintenance activities may continue to carry out their activities as up to now.

Commercial premises and workshops can regain their attention to the public, taking into account security measures:

- Obligation of previous appointment for the individual attention of the clients.

- A preferential service schedule will be established for people over 65 years of age.

- They must ensure maximum safety, with the use of protective measures such as a mask being mandatory.

The Social cafeteria is closed. It is expected to open its terrace to the public with the start of phase 1, with a limitation of 50% of its capacity.

We continue working to guarantee the maximum enjoyment of the Club with the best guarantees. We will inform pertinently of the sanitary measures required for each activity as best practice protocols and guides are defined and always in advance of the start of each phase.

We all must take the responsibility to get out of the sad stage we are going through

You can read the full statement from the president here.