The Real Club Nautico de Valencia, following the instructions of the Superior Council of Sports, the Ministry of Esports and the respective federations has canceled all activities, both social, and schools as competition, until 31 March 2020. Also from tonight at 00: 00h all sports areas -base race and sports area of ​​the social area are closed.

In addition, as a preventative measure we are going to implement a protocol for teleworking and minimal staff, keeping only the essential facilities and lower the risk of contagion staff.

This situation of minimal and canceled activities will continue until March 31 and will be checked weekly, to be reported back to all partners in case of modification.

Attention to the partner offices will be open in the mornings from 9:00 to 14: 00h Monday through Friday, remaining closed on Saturdays.

Seafaring will be reduced to minimum and therefore the only sailors are available for monitoring port and a minimum service helps mooring. In case of temporary and emergency will be available to strengthen again.

CAFETERÍA and lounge
The cafeteria and lounge will be closed until 31 March to avoid the crowds.

La Rosa de los Vientos closed from Monday 16 to 31 March and Náutico space will be closed until 31 March, for the moment.

Any member is free to access your boat and facilities as well as perform the activities you want at the club, although extreme caution is recommended to avoid contagion.

Concienciemos is important that all of us the importance of the outbreak and the effectiveness of these measures in preventing contagion.

The Real Club Nautico de Valencia is taking these measures responsibility and health of all.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Concienciémonos and be responsible.